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Congratulations to the Chartered Institute of Taxation on the launch of their new website!

We have obviously had a good read through the Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT) content.  Here’s a catalogue of links to information which you might find helpful, whatever stage you are at on your ADIT journey.

Exploring ADIT

The ADIT homepage is here

Here is a summary of the benefits of ADIT for your career

To find out more about the ADIT qualification, and to access the ADIT Prospectus, visit this page

You will find a full list of the ADIT modules and a copy of the full syllabus, is available here

It is possible to achieve a certification as a step to, or instead of, the full ADIT qualification.  Find out more about this option here

The full range of student resources are indexed here

Registering for ADIT

You must be registered as an ADIT student before you can enter for an ADIT exam.

Details on how to register as an ADIT student are here
Student registration, which is valid for 5 years, costs £215.

Details on how to register for an exam can be found at
Entering for an ADIT exam currently costs £195.

You may find it helpful to use the exam timetable to plan when to sit the exams you have chosen.  The timetable for 2021-22 exam sittings is here

The fee structure for all aspects of ADIT is at this link

Preparing for ADIT

ADIT have helpfully listed study course providers alongside each module on this page
This will enable you to find out which providers can support you on your journey.

Look out for Extratax Training on the online list for Principles of International Tax, UK Taxation, US Taxation and Transfer Pricing!

If you’re not sure how to go about choosing a study provider, there are some helpful pointers here

If you are planning to self study, don’t be afraid to look for good quality support online.  Here are some places you could start:

Past papers and suggested/sample answers from past sittings are available here

The exam will take place online, via the Exam4 software.  You should download and install this well in advance of the exam, and take time to familiarise yourself with it.  Instructions, more information, and a helpful video guide can be found here

Sitting your ADIT exam

The exam timetable is published here

There’s a helpful summary on how to prepare for your exams on this page

We wrote a blog with some tips from students who have previously sat the ADIT exams online.  You can find that on our Extratax news page.

At present, ADIT exams are all held online.  ADIT have released a detailed set of rules to help you understand what is expected of candidates sitting their ADIT exam.  These ADIT online exam rules are here

ADIT have also prepared an Exam4 troubleshooting guide, in case you have technology troubles on the day.  You will find this here and, like the other guidance on this page, we recommend you read it well before the exam!

As you are aware, candidates may have access to permitted texts during the exam.  This is the guidance on what these are, and how you may use them

Thinking about the exam itself, it is helpful to know what to expect on the day…

Here is the step by step ADIT exam day guide

Make sure you launch Exam4 about an hour before your exam is due to start.  You need to give yourself plenty of time to get set up, to verify your ID, and to get comfortable!

Click here for instructions on starting your exam.

Click here for instrutions on submitting your exam when you have completed it.

We recommend you read through all of this information in detail well before the exam, so that you know exactly what is due to happen and when.

And afterwards?


For those of you then considering your next ADIT module, you now know where on the CIOT website to go to choose your module and register for the exam.

And if this exam is your last, we’re wishing you all the best for ADIT success!

If you do have queries about your mark, then this information might be helpful

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