Tailored tax training for your team

Keeping up with developments in UK, Irish and international tax is a challenge. We help you to grow your business with bespoke tax training.
Catriona and Patricia delivered a number of excellent international tax training sessions, worked around our business needs and generously shared a huge amount of information. The most impressive part of the training for me though was the mix of theory and first-hand experience- Catriona and Patricia were able to draw on their vast experience, covering Practice, Industry and Tax Authority points of view.

I was also impressed with their willingness to really invest in my team’s all round development and not just lecture at them. I couldn’t recommend the services of ExtraTax Training highly enough.
Jonathan Megaw, Tax Director, Grant Thornton

Accountancy/Law Firms

Providing a cost-effective solution for developing your tax team.
If you want to develop existing team members or find an efficient way to train new or returning tax staff, ExtraTax Training can help. We work with you to design group or one-to-one training solutions for your team, allowing you to focus on delivering for your clients.
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In-house Tax Teams 

Delivering practical tax training for in-house tax teams and the wider business.
With experience in a range of in-house roles, the ExtraTax team understands the nature of your work. You know the benefits of tailored training for your team and the business, but finding the capacity to design & deliver it is difficult. We recognise your training needs and are ready to support you.

Finance Teams

Upskilling finance professionals in payroll taxes, VAT, customs, corporate tax and transfer pricing.
As a Finance Director, managing the increasingly onerous responsibilities for various taxes impacting on the business and its growth is challenging. We deliver practical training to you and your team to ensure you are equipped to deal with the day-to-day issues arising in your business.
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Understanding Tax 

"Tax? I leave all that to my accountant."
Fair enough on one hand, we certainly wouldn't recommend trying to do it yourself. But, on the other hand, it's your business, your money and, ultimately, your responsibility. So wouldn't it be good to understand the basics? Otherwise, how will you know when to ask your accountant for advice? We can provide training to develop your understanding.

Meet our core team

With over 50 years of combined experience in UK & international tax, the ExtraTax Training team knows how to communicate complex tax topics using everyday language. And when additional expertise is required, we work with trusted associate tutors who follow our approach to delivering practical tax training.
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Catriona Loughran

Founder and Managing Director
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Patricia Browne

Head of Tax Training

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Kristen Gillanders

Business Development Manager

Why choose us as your tax training provider?

Technical expertise

Our tutors have the tax technical skills but, more importantly, they understand how to communicate their knowledge to help you learn.

Learning outcomes

Our courses are not about merely gathering CPD points. They have focused learning outcomes to develop the application of your tax knowledge.

Tailored Training

Your tax training will be designed to meet the needs of you and your team. We work with you to understand where you are now and where you want to be.

Looking for ADIT International Tax courses?

Check out our online courses for the Principles of International Tax, Transfer Pricing, EU VAT, UK Tax, US Tax and Irish Tax modules.