1. Is ADIT right for me?
ADIT, the international tax credential awarded by the UK’s Chartered Institute of Taxation, is an advanced level designation in cross-border tax. It provides the robust foundation in international tax that today’s global tax professional needs to stand out from the crowd.

It is a challenging qualification requiring a significant time commitment, with 3 – 4 months of part-time studying generally required in advance of sitting an exam. The exam structure is flexible to accommodate studying while working.

To learn about all the advantages of achieving ADIT, visit

Our tutors are happy to chat with you about ADIT to help you decide if it’s right for you, please use the contact form or email

2. What do I need to become ADIT qualified?
To complete ADIT, you must pass the Principles of International Taxation exam and any two modules from the range of optional thematic or jurisdiction modules, or substitute an extended essay for one of the optional modules.

You can achieve a standalone certificate by passing the Principles of International Taxation paper or one of the thematic options, including Transfer Pricing.

For further information, visit the CIOT’s ADIT website or check out our summary in Key ADIT Information.

3. Which modules do you offer training for?
For the June 2022 exam sitting, we offer online training packages for:

• Module 1 – Principles of International Taxation

• Module 2.09 – UK

• Module 2.10 – US

• Module 3.03 – Transfer Pricing

Please see ADIT Courses for more details and to book online.

4. How will the online training work?
You will receive an invite to participate in live webinars where tutors will combine lecture-style tutorials with question practice. You will be able to see, hear and engage with the tutor.

The numbers on each webinar will be restricted to 15 to facilitate discussions. You’ll be encouraged to ask questions by speaking or typing them.

We will schedule the webinars to maximise live attendance. Recordings will be available for times when it isn’t possible for you to join the live sessions.

You’ll also have one-to-one access to tutors for ongoing support. Our goal is to remove the ‘distance’ from distance-learning by creating a supportive community of students and tutors to share your ADIT journey and grow your professional network.

For further details, download our ADIT Brochure.

5. Are there any discounts available?
We offer discounts if you’re an employer booking for several candidates or a candidate wishing to book more than one course. Complete the Employer Contact Form or email to discuss the discounts we can offer you.

6. What textbooks or training materials are used for the courses?
For Principles of International Taxation, Transfer Pricing and the US module, we use published textbooks by recognised experts. These are included in the online training packages. We do not currently offer the option to purchase the training materials for these modules separately.

For the UK jurisdiction option, the online training packages include our own study manual specially written for Module 2.09 UK. This is also now available in our distance learning package.  Find out more about this here.

Please note that we do not provide copies of the permitted texts as part of the study materials. You should source your own copies to use in your studies and bring into the exam. Download the 2021 ADIT Syllabus for full lists of permitted texts for each module and suggestions on where to buy them.

7. Do you offer any extra study support?
Yes, we have a tailored approach to ADIT training and don’t believe that ‘one-size fits all’. We look to build relationships with our students and their employers to listen to their ADIT training requirements.

Perhaps you work in niche area of international tax and would like introductory courses before you join our core training packages? Maybe there’s a fundamental part of the syllabus that you’re struggling to grasp and you’d like some extra one-to-one support? This is where our can-do attitude comes into play to provide the solutions to your needs.

8. What’s your pass rate?
As a new ADIT training provider, we don’t yet have exam pass rates to share with you. We pledge to provide you with a high quality learning experience in a supportive environment designed to help you succeed.

We’re not going to measure our achievements solely on our pass rates – we’ll measure them by your level of satisfaction, both in terms of how we’ve helped you prepare for the exams and how we’ve improved your overall knowledge & understanding of international tax.

9. Can you guarantee that I’ll pass the exam?
We don’t offer any guaranteed pass options as we don’t believe in making you promises that we can’t keep, or which come with a list of caveats. We care about you and promise to deliver an engaging and informative learning experience. Your hard work and dedication matched with our ADIT training methods will make a winning combination.

You can achieve a Certificate of Completion for the course by earning points, for example, by submitting weekly assignments. The aim is to guide you towards exam success. In the unlikely event that you achieve a Certificate of Completion but are not successful in the exam, you can return to the course the following semester, free of charge.

If you don’t pass on your first attempt, we’ll be here to discuss your learning needs to help you succeed the next time. Our tailored approach to exam support means that we can work with you to find a solution to get you back on track for ADIT success.

10. Are you planning to offer training courses for any of the other ADIT modules?
We want to expand into delivering training for certain other ADIT modules, including the EU direct tax and VAT thematic options – but will only do so when we are confident that we can maintain our high standards, engaging tutors who are subject-matter experts with a passion for sharing their knowledge.

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