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Who are Extratax Training?

A specialist online international tax course provider, based in the UK & training tax professionals around the world. 

Advanced Diploma in International Tax (ADIT) – online training courses for global tax professionals studying for the ADIT qualification.

Recognised by CIOT as an ADIT course provider  – small-group live classes delivered by international tax experts to maximise your exam and career success.

“I have benefitted from a number of Catriona’s training courses over the past couple of years – both transfer pricing and non-transfer pricing related.  The courses were relevant and delivered in a knowledgeable and engaging way.  In particular I liked the mix of theory and exercises.  It was clear that Catriona has gained significant experience through her varied roles in tax which showed in her engaging and practical use of examples and anecdotes which kept the courses interesting and relatable.”  

E Kelly, Tax Director

As a “just personal tax background person”, Catriona helped me to understand Corporation Tax from the very basics in a clear manner. I experienced a high level of professionalism and efficiency and benefitted from her impeccable knowledge in this area. She simplified my work and definitely made tax clearer! 

Eva - ADIT UK module student

ADIT Expertise

ADIT – recognised ADIT course provider for the CIOT’s Advanced Diploma in International Tax qualification.

Principles of International Taxation – online ADIT study programmes for the core module.

Ireland Taxation – launching January 2022 online course for the ADIT Ireland Tax option (Module 2.06)

United Kingdom Taxation – online courses and study materials for the ADIT UK Tax paper (Module 2.09)

United States Taxation – online training course for the ADIT US Tax paper (Module 2.10)

Transfer Pricing – live online classes in small groups for the ADIT Transfer Pricing exam (Module 3.03)

ADIT Exam Support

Information about online ADIT training to support your learning


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about ADIT


News, advice, hints & tips for ADIT International Tax students

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About Extratax Training

I’m Catriona Loughran, an ADIT graduate, and I’m passionate about international tax & its role in powering global business.

The Advanced Diploma in International Taxation is a prestigious certification awarded by the UK’s Chartered Institute of Taxation. I believe strongly in the benefits of the qualification and want to improve accessibility to high quality ADIT study programmes for tax professionals around the world.

I founded Extratax Training with the mission to increase understanding of international tax issues through delivering training programmes with a key outcome – TAX MADE CLEAR.

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