ADIT UK Tax Self-Study
(Module 2.09)

Comprehensive online study manual for the ADIT UK Tax exam, covering the full syllabus with explanation, illustrations, questions & answers and more!
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ADIT UK Tax Self-Study Manual

Get instant access to the online study materials for Module 2.09. Choose online access only, or add hard copy books of the 93 chapters in two volumes, plus a workbook of exam style questions and answers.

Online + Print

What's included?

Comprehensive distance learning course for ADIT Module 2.09 - UK Tax.

Easily digestible chapters to build your knowledge

Short chapters and plain language make your learning experience straightforward.

Self-study quizzes and flashcards

Learn the key principles by taking quizzes and studying from flashcards, helping you to recall them quickly.

Plenty of examples to aid your understanding

The chapters include lots of examples to illustrate how the rules apply.

Exam-style questions and answers

Practise the application of your knowledge with self-assessment questions.

Download the chapter outline

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