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Choosing an ADIT study provider

I wanted someone to guide me as I had no clue about international tax or the ADIT Program.  Catriona’s openness, willingness to listen and give advice to a complete stranger, whilst not marketing her firm, convinced me to train with Extratax. It ended up being one of my best decisions in 2020.

Everyone is unique.  At Extratax Training we appreciate that the process of learning is different for each individual.  We are very open about the style of tuition and study support that we provide, so that prospective students understand the commitment involved before they book their place.


Course logistics

Start the course earlier as the time is too short to exams, especially to allow students without practical background time to catch up.

In response to this feedback, we extended the length of some of our live online classes this year, and included a mid-semester break, as well as the revision weeks we already include at the end of each course.

Most of our students are juggling a career alongside their family commitments.  We want to ensure the Extratax Training programme helps you to enhance your professional development in the most manageable and enjoyable (!) way possible.


The structure of the course was extremely beneficial for myself. It helped me to keep on with studies during extremely busy time at work

We spread the live online tuition across a 10 week timetable, and make the slides and recordings of these sessions available for students until the end of the semester.  This aids revision and allows everyone to catch up, or consolidate learning, at your own pace.


Tuition & exam practice

Participation from the rest of the students is really helpful because they sometimes bring a different perspective.

Our tutors set assignments and mock exam questions throughout the semester, which are marked and returned.  Everyone is encouraged to ask questions in the live classes, to share experiences and knowledge with their fellow tax students, and seek one to one support from their tutor when they need it.

I liked the ability to ask questions right on spot during classes…


Our expertise

The faculty is a big strength in Extratax – very knowledgeable not only on tax but knowing the ADIT program inside out. The advice shared by the Director, who herself is ADIT qualified, was invaluable to me as someone without previous understanding of the programme or the content.

Catriona Loughran and James Ryan lead and teach our ADIT exam study programmes.  Both are experienced international tax professionals, with outstanding practical knowledge in their field.  You can find out more about them on our website.

Find out about Catriona, Founder & Director of Extratax Training
Find out about James, Course Tutor at Extratax Training
Find out about Ishali, Course Tutor at Extratax Training

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“I am a 20 years Professor of International Tax Law in Mexico. Finding Extratax Training to prepare me for the ADIT exams was a blessing! They give great personalized teaching, with in-depth information, well organized and up to date.”

“Well structured course with plenty of useful practical tips.”

“I love how, as someone with no previous UK Tax experience or knowledge, the course made it possible for me to actually really understand and grasp the concepts.”

“After the course, I am not only feeling that I am ready for the exam but also see extreme improvements in my technical expertise that I can apply right on spot at my job.”

“The ADIT tutors are very knowledgeable and present the materials and theoretical concepts in a way to facilitate understanding much more easily than just reading them.”

“The classes and e-book are all you need to excel in your exam.
Thanks Catriona & team!!!”


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