ADIT United States Tax (Module 2.10)

Online course for the June 2024 exam - live classes + study materials + mock exams & more.
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What's included?

Comprehensive online course covering the full ADIT US Tax syllabus.

Classes are live on Zoom, allowing you to ask questions & join in discussions.

All classes are recorded in case you miss one or want to re-visit a topic.

Weekly Tuition Classes

10 weeks of online classes in a small group, starting on Wednesday 28 February 2024 from 4pm to 6pm (UK time).

Online Study Materials

Online study text with easy-to-understand explanations and illustrations.

Intensive Revision Sessions

Weekend revision sessions take place online over two days in May 2024. You'll consolidate your knowledge by working on past paper questions.

Weekly Assignments

You'll do an assignment each week, learning how to apply your knowledge and receiving personalised feedback from your tutor.

Mock Exams

Sit a full mock exam before and after the revision classes, receiving individual feedback to improve your exam technique.

Full Support

Our dedicated learning team support you through your ADIT studies, guiding you to exam success.
adit module 2.10

Why study US Irish Tax?

Hear about the benefits of studying the ADIT United States module from your course tutor, Stephen Casey.
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Meet your tutor

Stephen Casey

International tax accountant and attorney
In addition to being an ADIT graduate and holding an LLM in Tax Law from Georgetown University, Stephen is a qualified accountant and lawyer in Ireland and the United States with significant experience as an international tax adviser. He has a great enthusiasm for tax and an ability to explain complex issues in a relatable manner.

Course Review

I am so glad I signed up with ExtraTax Training to study for the ADIT US tax exam. The support from Stephen and the team was excellent. ExtraTax Training's unique selling point compared to other education providers is the personalised feedback you get from the tutor from the mock exams and weekly assignments. Based on my experience, no other educational providers provide that level of care so credit to ExtraTax Training. I recommend ExtraTax Training especially those students who wish to study for the ADIT US tax exam.
International Tax Specialist, HM Revenue & Customs

The ExtraTax team go the extra mile to help you succeed

Course Access

Keep your access to the course learning materials, including the class recordings, until 30 June 2025.

Certificate of Completion

Gain peace of mind by earning a Certificate of Completion, entitling you to a free return to the course next year.

Flexible Approach

Our flexible approach puts you at the centre of the learning experience, supporting you to successfully balance studying with your work and personal life.

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