Advice for Online ADIT Exam June 2021

All ADIT exams in the June 2021 sitting will take place online.


This means you may sit your ADIT exams anywhere in the world, providing there is an internet connection available!  And, yes, that includes your own home, which has the benefit of cutting out the worry and cost of travel to an unfamiliar examination centre on the day.

For many ADIT candidates, sitting an online exam is likely to be a new experience.  It is always helpful to hear from others who have been through a process before you, and to learn from their advice.

We asked some of our Extratax Training students who sat the December 2020 online ADIT exams to offer you tips on how to be well prepared, so we’ll sharing those with you here!


Using the Exam4 software

Most importantly, you will need the Exam4 software to download, complete, and submit your exam.

You will receive an email from CIOT with a link and instructions on how to download the Exam4 software on Thursday 13 May.  You should download this as soon as you can and test it out.  There are several mock exams from past years which you can use as practice.

The software shows the exam paper on one half of the screen and allows you to type your answers on the other half.

One of our students found that their screen did not display the full text of the exam questions.  However, they could see enough to understand the questions so, when they realised they were unable to resolve the problem, they carried on with the exam.  They successfully completed (and passed!) the exam as it was displayed.

Their advice is to test the software in advance.  They suggest that, if minor technical problems happen on the day, you should not waste precious time trying to fix them if it is possible for you to work with the information available.

Click here to read the helpful Exam4 Troubleshooting Guide on the CIOT website.



Our students have highlighted that you need to remember to keep track of time.  Exam4 will not display reminders or tell you when your exam has finished.

Plan how much time you should spend on each question, depending on the marks available.  Be sure to stick to these time limits, to give yourself the best possible chance to attempt every questions.


Typing tips

If you are adept at typing, there are several benefits of sitting the exam online!

If you’re not used to typing, our students suggest you do practice questions and mock exams using your computer.  This will give you a good idea of how long it takes you to type answers to questions.  Use bullet points if it helps you to make the best use of time.

Examination answers should be neat, with adequate spacing. Short paragraphs or bullet points work well.  You are likely to find typing answers more straightforward than having to handwrite (scribble!) your answers on to an exam paper.

You can easily go back and add to your answer without having to use tiny writing to fit into the existing space or draw arrows over the page to try to tell the examiner which bit to read next.

If you realise you have made a mistake you can delete and correct it, rather than having to cross it out in a handwritten paper.

The Exam4 software has a spelling corrector, so students recommend using it to check for errors before submitting the exam.

These features will make your answers quicker to check, and easier for the examiner to read your online ADIT exam.


Practise your exam technique

Our students agreed that sitting past papers, in timed exam conditions, made a huge difference to how well prepared they were.  It gave them the opportunity to manage their time, apply their knowledge, and type their answers.

Practising past papers in exam conditions is good advice when preparing for any exam!


Internet Access

You do not need to remain online for the duration of the timed exam.  You will require access to an internet connection to download the exam and to submit your completed exam paper at the end.

One of our students told us that their internet connection failed on the day of the exam.  They recommend that you have a backup plan in case this happens!  If you can connect to the internet through your cell phone, this is a good backup plan.


And finally, on the day…

Your online ADIT exam will commence at 10am local time on the day of your paper.

Advice from our students is to have your registry number easily accessible, and register early.

Make sure there are no distractions in the room where you will sit the exam, and that there is a clock you can easily see.  Clear your desk and consider having a drink in a container with a lid, so that it isn’t likely to spill on your device.

Take a deep breath, read the questions thoroughly, and get started.  All that preparation you have done will make the process so much more straightforward.  Good luck!


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