Episode 17: How could your tax career benefit from the ADIT Qualification?


We’re delighted that Catriona Loughran, our Director and founder, is Jack Bonehill‘s guest on today’s edition of the Tax Professionals Podcast. Click on the link below to hear them discuss the Advanced Diploma in International Tax (ADIT).


As an ADIT graduate working in international tax, Catriona is well placed to discuss the benefits and challenges of the ADIT qualification!  To find out more, read her story here.


Talking International Tax

In this episode, Jack and Catriona talk about this prestigious tax certification, debunking any misconceptions about ADIT.  Listen as Catriona and Jack explore the ways in which it stands apart from the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) qualification, illustrating why ADIT is the mark of a high quality international tax professional.


During their chat, Catriona talks about the structure of the qualification.  She starts by explaining that the core module, Principles of International Taxation, is mandatory.  Jack and Catriona move on to discuss the wide range of papers available under the jurisdictional and thematic modules. This choice means that tax professionals can tailor the qualification to their own areas of interest or specialism.


Training for the ADIT Qualification

Unsurprisingly, there is a considerable commitment required for anyone planning to undertake the ADIT exams.  However, as Catriona points out, there are ADIT training providers like Extratax Training who provide structured, modular study programmes to support and encourage candidates on their ADIT journey.


In conclusion, Catriona recommends that all tax professionals consider how this international tax qualification could benefit them.


Listen to The Tax Professionals Podcast to hear more.


Visit our ADITextra blog to find out what our ADIT students have been studying this semester.


If you would like to find out how Extratax Training can support you, or your team, through the ADIT qualification process, email info@extrataxtraining.com or contact us through our website.


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