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The ADIT exams are here! We’ve compiled a video of ADIT exam tips from our experienced ADIT tutors to help you perform at your best on exam day.

A – Answer the Question

An obvious one to start with, you need to answer the question. You know it’s what you must do. But in the exam, it’s easy to misread the question or tempting to answer a question that you wanted to be on the paper, rather than the one that’s there. Focus on answering all the elements of the question in front of you.

D – Don’t Panic!

Easier said than done, but keeping calm will help you succeed. With online exams, you’re in your own space where you feel comfortable, not squashed into an exam hall with other students. So this gives you an opportunity to pause, breathe deeply and restore calm if you feel yourself starting to get stressed.

I – Identify the Issues

To succeed, you must accurately identify the issues in the question. Look at the requirements, what are you being asked to do? In the scenario questions, look carefully at each piece of information provided and think ‘why am I being told this information?’ By identifying the issues and addressing them, you’ll be able to demonstrate to the examiner that you have the knowledge and, importantly, know how to apply it.

T – Timing

Timing is crucial! Think of the ADIT exam like the ‘Bake Off’ shows – it’s not simply a test of baking a fantastic cake, it’s a test of doing so in the limited time allotted. You need to be stringent with your time – you’ve got 1.8 minutes per mark, that’s all. Keep a very close eye on your time and, once it’s up, move on!


ADIT Exam Tips Video

Watch Catriona Loughran discuss each of these A-D-I-T exam tips to help you achieve ADIT success.


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