The pace of tax change in recent years has been phenomenal, not just in the UK & Ireland but across the globe.

How do you as a busy tax professional keep your knowledge up-to-date? How do you ensure your team has the tax expertise they need to support your clients fully and grow your business? How do you continue to develop your team to keep them engaged and retain them in a highly competitive market?

Extratax Training can help you meet your tax department’s training needs through developing a personalised tax learning and development programme. You may have the skills and expertise in-house to deliver the required training – but finding the time can be challenging when every hour spent designing and delivering training is an hour lost from valuable client work. Let me and my team at Extratax Training bring our specialist expertise to you!

We can work with you to develop and deliver bespoke programmes across all areas of tax. Some suggestions from our founder, Catriona Loughran, are listed below. Please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss a personalised programme for your practice.

We can develop your team’s knowledge and skills in transfer pricing, working through case studies and sharing our practical experience to demonstrate the application of the OECD’s Transfer Pricing Guidelines in real world scenarios.

For those who wish to improve their academic transfer pricing knowledge, I’d recommend the Transfer Pricing option of the CIOT’s ADIT qualification, which can be taken as a stand-alone certificate.

Commercial Awareness
for Tax Professionals

Through my in-house tax roles in a range of multinational businesses, I understand that ‘Commercial’ and ‘Tax’ can often talk a different language.

Tax may be warning the business that it’s about to make a costly tax mistake when all the commercial team sees are obstacles and red tape being placed in the way of business growth!

Having navigated that type of scenario many times, I suggest tax awareness sessions for businesses as well as commercial awareness sessions for tax teams. Having a better appreciation of the priorities and viewpoint of the business can help tax advisers adjust their language, and how the information is presented, to improve the client’s comprehension of the tax issues. The outcomes are better decision-making and a greater appreciation of the value of expert tax advice.

I strongly believe in giving tax trainees the tools to become excellent tax professionals – it’s not about telling them the answer, it’s about helping them to find it for themselves.

The classroom-based training I received as a trainee helped me develop my skills in reading tax legislation and researching tax issues; skills which I have called on time and time again in my career across tax practice, industry and HMRC – and have always aimed to pass on.

Exam training gives new tax professionals a good basis in the UK tax system and helps them achieve their tax qualification – but we appreciate that it doesn’t equip them adequately for their role, particularly as tax becomes more and more specialised. We can work with you to understand your training needs and design a programme to help your new tax professionals become the best they can be!

Tax Development
for Trainees

International Tax

The UK’s anti-avoidance legislation in the area of international tax has changed and increased at an alarming rate in recent years…

Controlled Foreign Companies, Anti-Hybrid Mismatch, Corporate Interest Restriction, Diverted Profits Tax, UK land transactions for non-residents…

We can provide a range of training on international tax issues – from general update sessions through to in-depth training focusing on a particular legislative change or topic.

Tax for




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