Well done, you took the plunge and registered as an ADIT student for 2021!

*Please note – this article was edited on 27 April 2021 to include updated content*

Exam entries for the December 2021 sitting will be open from 30 April 2021 until 16 September 2021, so this is the time to start thinking about taking an exam next term!

1. Structuring your exam plan

It’s tempting to go all out and enter for three exams at the outset.  While this may be achievable, you’ll need a great deal of time to commit to studying in order to be successful in all three papers in one sitting.

We recommend taking a maximum of two exams first time round.  You have 5 years initially to complete the qualification, and it’s well worth spreading the workload so that you don’t take on too much at the outset.

Getting to grips with one ADIT module syllabus at a time means you have the space to really apply your learning to your work, as well as keeping that all-important balance between your professional and personal life!

2. Choose your module(s)

As you know, the Principles of International Tax module is compulsory, and you must also sit one jurisdictional paper and one thematic paper to complete the ADIT requirements.  You may write an extended essay in place of one of these modules, which is a great option if you have a particular niche interest or specialism.

It is good to be aware that in June each year there are exam sittings for every paper offered, whereas only a specific set of papers are examined in the December sitting.  Click here and take a look at the ADIT module information for more details.

With all this in mind, you might want to consider which papers you sit in which season.  There’s a view that Principles of International Tax is a good paper to do first, because it offers a general framework for the exams.  However, if you plan to take a paper in an area in which you already specialise, then you might prefer to take that first as it is likely to give you a strong start on your ADIT journey.

When you’ve decided which module(s) to take, you can enter online here.

*Exam entries for December 2021 are open from 30 April – 16 September 2021.*

3. Work out a study schedule

It’s never too early to do this!  If you start now, you will be able to work your way through the module syllabus over the next three months, still leaving yourself time for revision and exam practice before the real thing.

The crucial thing about a study plan is sticking to it.  If it starts to slip, make a real effort to put in the extra time to catch up straight away.  Falling behind on your schedule can make the amount of work required appear more daunting than it needs to be.

If you are one of the many people who find it helpful to learn in a group, or with structured tuition, then choose a registered course provider to help you prepare.

Extratax Training are a registered ADIT course provider.  You can check out our ADIT study programmes here.  All our tuition takes place in live, online classes where we encourage everyone to participate and learn together.  The courses run over a 10 week period, and tutors host intensive revision sessions to consolidate your learning before the exams.

4. Purchase set texts

Now you’re a registered ADIT student, you should buy Professor Kees Van Raad’s Materials on International, TP and EU Tax Law Volume A.  This will be an essential resource all the way through your qualification, so it is money well spent!

Candidates who join one of our Extratax Training study programmes will be provided with a set text to support learning for the module in question.  This is included in the course fee.

*Be absolutely certain you have read and understood the guidelines about marking permitted texts before you write on any of them.*

5. Start learning!

Knowing where to start can be tricky.  Extratax Training take the worry out of this by working through the syllabus logically, and providing a forum for discussion of topical and practical issues.  Our online sessions are a great opportunity for all students to ask questions and to learn from the experience of their international tax colleagues in the seminar.

If you’d like to find out more about joining one of our study programmes as you prepare for your ADIT exams, why not get in touch.

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* You can now register as an ADIT student (see here for more details) and enter for the December 2021 exams as of 30 April.  Click here for more details about entering the exams.

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