With Brexit, many businesses will find themselves having to deal with customs matters for the first time when buying goods from EU countries or selling goods to them.

Extratax Training offers practical, hands-on training on the fundamentals of customs practices and processes.

This training is ideal for businesses who are intending to, or considering, preparing their own customs declarations. The training will provide you and your team with the skills and practical know-how to complete customs and other declarations (e.g. safety and security declarations) and to manage customs processes.

If you are a UK trader buying or selling goods outside the UK as part of your business, you may be able to obtain 100% government funding for this training – see 100% Grant Funding for Customs Training

Please contact us if you would like to discuss customs training for your organisation.

Customs Essentials

Have you decided how your business will handle customs matters after Brexit?

Have you engaged a customs broker or freight forwarder to act on your behalf? Have you trained key employees to deal with customs, whether declarations will be done in-house or outsourced?

For many businesses, the answer to these questions is no – and it’s not surprising given the level of uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

Contact Extratax Training about Customs Essentials courses available across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to begin your customs journey. The training is suitable for teams across your organisation, including logistics, finance, purchasing etc.

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