ADIT Principles of International Taxation

Book your online course for the June 2023 exam - live classes + study materials + mock exams & more.
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What's included?

Comprehensive online course covering the full ADIT Principles of International Taxation syllabus

Classes are live on Zoom, allowing you to ask questions & join in discussions. All classes are recorded in case you miss one or want to re-visit a topic.

Weekly tuition classes

10 weeks of live online classes in a small group. Classes in late February 2023 and run from 4pm to 6:30pm (UK time).

Online study materials

Subscription to Bloomsbury International Tax Service where you'll find the core text and other useful study materials.

Intensive revision sessions

Weekend revision sessions take place over two days in May. You'll consolidate your knowledge by working on past paper questions.

Weekly assignments 

You'll be given an assignment each week, learning how to apply your knowledge. You'll also sit two mock exams, receiving individual feedback.

Team support

Participate in our online forum, share thoughts and ideas, grow your network, get help with your studies and feel supported through your ADIT journey.

Certificate of Completion

You can earn a Certificate of Completion for the course, giving you peace of mind if you need to defer or re-take the exam - learn more

Meet your tutor

Jimmy Ryan ADIT

International tax practitioner & lecturer
Jimmy has many years of experience tutoring the ADIT Principles of International Tax module. He has deep understanding and a great enthusiasm for the subject, which shines through in his classes. Jimmy is there every step of the way to support his students in gaining the knowledge needed to pass the exam.

Jimmy is an extremely good lecturer who has the ability to take a complex subject and simplify it into normal everyday language -
June 2022 Principles of International Tax student

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Certificate of Completion

Gaining a Certificate of Completion means that you can re-join the same course in the next semester free of charge if you have to defer or do not pass the exam first time.