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In the final edition of ADITextra for this semester, we discuss exam technique for the Principles of International Tax, Transfer Pricing, UK & US Tax exams. 


1. Transfer Pricing

To help you achieve ADIT success in the transfer pricing module, we look back to Jimmy Ryan’s final words of advice to our students:

  • Keep going with your studying, there’s not long to go now!
  • Work on your exam technique by practising past exam papers.
  • Use your 15 minutes of reading time wisely to work out what you are being asked in each question.
  • Don’t panic or get intimidated by the questions.
  • Think about the order to do the questions in – Jimmy’s recommended approach is Section C, followed by B and then the compulsory questions in Section A.
  • Read the requirements carefully and do everything you are being asked to do.


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2. Principles of International Tax

The Principles of International Taxation students exam has a different structure to the other modules with two sections:

  • Part A – essay questions – answer at least 2 from a choice of 5
  • Part B – scenario questions – answer at least 1 from a choice of 2

You must answer four questions in total – and only four questions, no further questions will be marked so you would be wasting your time.


Thinking about your exam technique:

  • For the essay questions, look closely at what you are being asked to discuss. For example, if a question has three elements, you must deal with all three to maximise your marks.
  • Use the 15 minutes reading time to read the question carefully and plan out the structure of your answer.
  • Don’t use long paragraphs – no more than 2 or 3 sentences per paragraph. This will help the examiner to easily identify the points you are making.
  • Think about using bullet points to save time and make your answer clear.
    • There is no bullet point format on Exam4 –  but you can make your own by leaving space and using a dash to create one!


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3. UK Tax

Saturday was the final revision session for our UK Tax students. Catriona Loughran focussed on the corporate tax elements of the ADIT syllabus. Using a variety of online learning tools, the class worked through ADIT & CTA past papers questions.


One challenge in the UK Tax and other jurisdictional papers is extracting the information from the scenario questions. Here are some tips from Catriona:

  • Read the question carefully, several times.
  • Use the 15 minute reading time to actively read the questions, noting down key terms and perhaps drawing out the scenario presented.
  • Think about why you are being given an piece of information, how should it inform your answer?
  • What are you being asked to do? Sometimes the requirements will be broken down into components, guiding you through the answer. At other times, the requirements will be more general – ‘write an email to X advising on‘. With this type of question, you have to work harder to figure out which issues you need to address.
  • Don’t be put off if there is an element of the question that you don’t understand – focus on what you do know!


Achieve ADIT Success – UK Tax

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4. US Tax

The final US Tax revision session also took place on Saturday. Ishali Patel worked through past paper questions with her students, including trust taxation, which was last seen on the 2016 exam paper. You should be comfortable with all areas of the syllabus, as you never know which topics will appear in the compulsory questions.


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