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Have you been attempting the ADIT past papers? If not, it’s time to start!

Each week in ADITextrathe blog for ADIT candidates – we offer you ADIT exam resources for the Principles of International Tax, Transfer Pricing, UK & US Tax modules. 


1. Transfer Pricing

This weekend sees the second and final  intensive revision session for the Transfer Pricing paper. Jimmy Ryan is recapping on key topics, discussing ADIT past papers and giving last minute tips on presenting knowledge to the examiner.


You will find five sets of ADIT past papers for the Transfer Pricing module available on the CIOT website, along with suggested solutions and candidate scripts:


As a minimum, you should work through the questions on each of these papers before your exam, sitting at least one paper in full as a mock exam.


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2. Principles of International Tax

It’s also intensive revision time for the Principles of International Taxation students. They are working through past paper questions with Jimmy, improving their approach to answering the essay questions in Part A and dealing with the scenario questions in Part B.


In particular with the Principles of International Tax syllabus, there is a lot of material to read to prepare for the paper. But the exam does not test your reading skills; it tests your writing skills and the application of the knowledge you have acquired through reading. There comes a time (and it’s probably already here) when you have to stop reading and start writing. Yes, you’ve heard it here before, there is no better way to learn than attempting questions from ADIT past papers!


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3. UK Tax

This week was mock exam time for our UK Tax students. Catriona Loughran set the mock paper using a mixture of ADIT past papers, adapted CTA questions and her own questions for newer topics.


New topics on the syllabus are one area where ADIT past papers can’t help you. You should be aware of what has been added to the syllabus in the last year or two – and be prepared to see them on your exam paper. Two new UK areas to think about for this year are:

  • Digital Services Tax
  • Profit Fragmentation anti-avoidance legislation


So how can you prepare when past paper questions aren’t available? We recommend preparing a briefing note on new topics – an overview of the rules that you could write in 30 minutes in the exam.



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The online distance learning course for Module 2.09 includes:

  • Tutor support from Catriona – contact her directly from an app in the study materials

  • Mock exam with tailored feedback



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4. US Tax

Robert Misey returned this week to guest lecture on Cross-Border Merges & Acquisitions, offering another engaging session to our US Tax students. Afterwards, it was time for Ishali Patel to complete the tuition classes by covering Subpart F of the US CFC rules.


And so, on to the mock exam which the students are sitting this weekend. There is one thing for sure about our ADIT candidates, they’re dedicated to their studies!


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