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1. Transfer Pricing

The transfer pricing tuition classes ended last week and the students have now completed their mock exam. This weekend is the first of the intensive revision sessions, focussing on past paper questions. Jimmy Ryan is sharing his expertise on how to present knowledge to the examiner.


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2. Principles of International Tax

It’s also intensive revision time for the Principles of International Taxation students. They are working through past paper questions with Jimmy, thinking about how to structure their answers to the essay questions in Part A and approach the scenario questions in Part B.


The individual feedback from the mock exam is an invaluable tool in improving their exam performance. If there is a time to fail, it’s in the mock exam. It is more important to attempt a mock than to pass it.


You’ll learn so much by sitting down under ADIT exam conditions for 3 hours & 15 minutes and completing a full past paper:

  • How much are you able to type in the allotted time?
  • Did you stick to the timings and complete all of the questions?
  • How did you feel in the last hour of the exam versus the first hour?
  • How did you choose which questions to answer?
  • With hindsight, did you choose the best ones for you?
  • Did you panic when you encountered something unfamiliar in a question?
  • How do your answers compare to the suggested solutions?


Particularly if you are sitting your first ADIT exam, the exam day should not be your first experience of attempting a full paper. The best time to find out the answers to the questions above is in the weeks leading up to the exam, when you have time to learn from it and improve your exam technique.


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3. UK Tax

Friday was the final tuition class for our UK Tax students. Catriona Loughran covered a range of topics from the Module 2.09 syllabus:

  • Globally mobile employees

  • Transfer of Assets Abroad anti-avoidance rules

  • Profit fragmentation anti-avoidance rules – newly introduced in 2019 so highly examinable

  • Stamp duty, including the new non-resident surcharge

  • VAT

  • Customs Duties


ADIT Exam – UK Tax

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The online distance learning course for Module 2.09 includes:

  • Tutor support from Catriona – contact her directly from an app in the study materials

  • Mock exam with tailored feedback



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4. US Tax

Robert Misey joined us as a guest lecturer on the US Tax course this week to share his expertise on US Transfer Pricing. Rob is a US tax attorney focusing on international taxation, M&A structures, transfer pricing strategies, and inbound and outbound planning for multinationals. He’s also an author of an essential reading book from the syllabus – Schadewald, M. and Misey, R. ‘Practical Guide to US Taxation of International Transactions’.


Catriona was delighted to introduce Rob to the US Tax students and join the class to learn from his knowledge. Rob used practical examples throughout the class to demonstrate the application of the US Transfer Pricing rules. Undoubtedly, he would win the award for most inventive use of hockey pucks in a transfer pricing discussion!


Rob’s enthusiasm for transfer pricing shone through and we can’t wait to welcome him back to next week’s guest lecture on Cross-Border Merges & Acquisitions.


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